Black Wood Look Tile

Black Wood Look Tile

The tile has anti-corrosion and dirt resistance, and black represents elegance and simplicity. It is today's popular minimalist style and is suitable for all major groups.

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Product Details


This kind of black wood look tile features a realistic wood design. Texture and a glazed surface can complement any environment with a touch of classic polish. It is durable, easy to clean and easy to maintain, so it can stay beautiful even over time. Unlike most hardwoods, it is scratch resistant and fade resistant.

Product Name: Black Wood Look Tile

Brand name


Place of Origin



Wood look tile


Matt tiles



Model number

LEKI 6106


Floor tiles

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Material feature




Thickness (mm)

9.6± 5%

Weight (kg)

19kg/box ±5%

sqm/20ft Container


weight/20ft Container


20Feet container

1398 boxes


  • Water absorption about 6%, waterproof, non-slip, frost resistance.

  • Uniquely designed matte effect and moderate tonal variations for added beauty.

  • Wood look tile, made in China, natural ingredients, eco-friendly.

  • Easy to clean and meet relevant production standards.

  • It can be installed indoors or outdoors.

Tile paving effect


They can be used anywhere - kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom, as well as floor and wall design to give a touch of natural beauty.


  • With enough inventory, your order can be scheduled and then loaded as soon as possible.

  • Best quality after-sales service.

  • When picking up the goods, we will consult the customer's cargo satisfaction.

  • In order to achieve customer satisfaction, we will visit customers on a regular basis. If they have any problems with laying or quality control, we can answer and solve them immediately.

QC Inspection


1.Q: How long does it usually take to produce tiles?

A: About two months, if there is a store, we will send it to you immediately.

2.Q: How can you guarantee the quality?

A: First of all, we will choose the best raw materials ourselves. Second, we have a QC team to check quality and packaging.

3.Q: How will you hand over the goods to me?

A: Because the container is too heavy, we hope to ship the goods to you by sea.

4.Q: What is the volume of the cabinet?

A: According to the size of the tile, the volume of a cabinet is about 15cbm to 22cbm.

5.Q: Does your company have its own factory or a trading company?

A: Trading company, but our warehouse is strategically located in Foshan.

Company information

1. Our brand is called LVKI TILE .Our company was established in 2013 and has years of experience in import and export of foreign trade. It has offices in Guangzhou, Foshan and Shenzhen.

2. Our main office is in Tianhe District of Guangzhou, Guangzhou is the first-tier city in China, and Tianhe District is the financial center of Guangzhou.

3. Our warehouse is located in Foshan, with convenient transportation and high storage capacity, which provides great convenience for your supply.

Tile water absorption test


Whatsapp / Tel: 0086-18588550763

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