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How about tiles quality from LVKI TILE?

We can test tiles quality as you can see from the video. Our tiles are have a low water absorption about 0.05%, antifouling, scratch resistant. Low water absorption can ensure tiles can be use for extreme hot and cold weather. All the factor gather together will let tiles can be used for a long time.

Rustic wood look tile inspection by ITS

During the tile producing, we have our own QC team to inspect the goods to ensure the tiles' quality. And after tile producing, tiles have last check by ITS. And the process as you can see from the video.

Tile producing

As we can see,the tiles are be producing continuously.For the tiles on the video,they have been finished.And the tiles will be package in the next step.

Checking tiles in the factory

Before package the tiles,our workers also will check the tiles firstly.Our workers just will choose the best tiles to the next step.

Tile package

All the cartons we will package with solid wood corners,fumigation pallets,cushion film,etc.Besides,we also will use the plastic corner to protect the tiles inside the ccartons.

Loading the cantainers

Every process of loading the containers we will send you all the pictures and video to let you clear all the process.

How to install the tiles

For the video,you can know how to install the tiles with some tools.That will help you install the tiles more quickly and beautiful.With the video,you can know more about the methods.

Loading the cabinet

For the loading the containers,we will place pallets tidy.And we also will use nets and airbags to let the tiles  fixed.The nets also can ensure workers' safe when opening the containers.