Patterned Bathroom Floor Tiles

Wholesale patterned bathroom floor tiles,the rustic tiles have a lot of patterns above the tiles.The classic texture color, feel the constant pursuit of life, feel the attitude of art excellence

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Product Details


Patterned bathroom floor tiles have the colourful surface.Comprehending the beauty of art and discovering the beauty of life, the integration of art and life is always the most magical. In the process of firing, it has high requirements on technical content. After being pressed by thousands of tons of hydraulic presses, it has the outstanding advantages of high strength, strong wear resistance, waterproof, anti-skid and corrosion resistance.

Product Parameters

Color: Autumn color

Pattern: Mainly flowers

Style: Designer type

Water Absorption rate: 3%-6%

Years limited: At least 20 years

Package: Cartons and pallets

Transportation: By sea

Paving method: Different textures can be laid at will, also have a coordinated, high-end effect.

Patterned Bathroom Floor Tiles wall tile hexagon tile pattern tile porcelain tile ceramic tile


  • Strong gloss, non-slip, abrasion resistance, dirt resistance, low water absorption

  • Cutting edge seamless process, high leveling, fine cutting, paving effect neat and beautiful

  • A variety of specifications, hard texture, pressure and wear resistance, moisture-proof, with a strong decorative effect.

  • It can fully meet environmental protection requirements, formaldehyde free, good heat dissipation effect and is easy to clean.

Product Application

They can not only use in the bathroom, but also can be use widely in high-grade apartments, villas, government agencies, entertainment venues, restaurants and other public places and furniture environment.


The ITS team will inspect our goods strictly.

Patterned Bathroom Floor Tiles wall tile hexagon tile pattern tile porcelain tile ceramic tile


Q: What about your delivery time?

A: The lead time is about 7-15 days.

Q: What in your MOQ?

A: MOQ: 1x20'gp, can mix color in one container.

Q: What's the differences between ceramics tiles and porcelain tiles?

A: Ceramic Tiles the water absorption ≥ 3%,porcelain tiles the water absorption ≤ 3%. So ceramic tiles the density is lower, parts of them needed to be soaked into water before paving.

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