Rustic Tile

  • Patterned Bathroom Floor Tiles

    Patterned Bathroom Floor Tiles

    Wholesale patterned bathroom floor tiles,the rustic tiles have a lot of patterns above the tiles.The classic texture color, feel the constant pursuit of life, feel the attitude of art excellenceRead More

  • Porcelain Tile Patterns for Kitchens

    Porcelain Tile Patterns for Kitchens

    Wholesale porcelain tile patterns for kitchens,the pattern tiles have the different modern technology ,to express the old decorative arts.They have natural colors, showing a natural mood of painting, paving effect.Read More

  • Interesting Floor Tile Patterns

    Interesting Floor Tile Patterns

    Wholesale interesting floor tile patterns,the rustic tile,the colourful pattern surface make the tile more interesting.Variety of styles can be with heart, exquisite designs, fashion, grade, creative life color.Read More

  • Matt Surface Pattern Tile

    Matt Surface Pattern Tile

    Wholesale Matt surface pattern tile,the pattern tile,have the matt surface.Vintage tenderness and beauty .The colorful artistic designs bring more than just a visual feast. There are more imaginative art spaces.Read More

  • Porcelain Pattern Decorative Bathroom Wall Tiles

    Porcelain Pattern Decorative Bathroom Wall Tiles

    Wholesale porcelain pattern decorative bathroom wall tiles,the rustic tiles ,have the interest patterns on the surface.legant and elegant living style, elegant atmosphere, as if the general breeze blowing bright, people feel comfortable.Trendy, stylish, unique, elegant,...Read More

  • Rustic Kitchen Floor Tiles

    Rustic Kitchen Floor Tiles

    Wholesale Rustic kitchen floor tiles ,the rustic tiles,have the rustic pattern that can make the tiles different.Bright colors, full color, thick surface glaze color, different from the ordinary flowers in the light rough bump, our tiles in the light with a soft matte texture.Read More

  • Rustic Kitchen Wall Tiles

    Rustic Kitchen Wall Tiles

    Wholesale rustic kitchen wall tiles,the rustic tiles ,are different from others tiles.Using the latest ink-jet technology, natural rich texture, waterproof, anti-skid and anti-corrosion features, add a kind of art and color for homeRead More

  • Rustic Ceramic Carpet Floor Tiles

    Rustic Ceramic Carpet Floor Tiles

    Wholesale rustic ceramic carpet floor tiles,the rustic tiles ,have their spacial.Painted mosaic tiles, with a characteristic glaze, bright colors, three-dimensional pattern, smooth glazed; style or national colorful, or simple fashion, or classical elegance, perfect...Read More

  • Concrete Tile Bathroom Floor

    Concrete Tile Bathroom Floor

    Wholesale concrete tile bathroom floor,the rustic tile ,have the concrete colour with the industrial feeling.The interpretation of a concrete squat, showing the effect of years of baptism, mulberry fields, sunrise and sunset Mottled cement is memory, personality, taste.Read More

  • Concrete Look Floor Tiles

    Concrete Look Floor Tiles

    Wholesale concrete look floor tiles,the rustic tile,have the cement look that can make the tile more simple.Simple modern style, porcelain antique, wear-resistant and stain-proof, neat corners.This kind of tile is suit for you. FOB: Get latest price Loading port: Shenzhen,...Read More

  • Concrete Look Porcelain Tile

    Concrete Look Porcelain Tile

    Wholesale concrete look porcelain tile,the cement tile ,have the gray look as if the tile is use in the real concrete.The brick surface has a thick layer of wear-resistant glaze, which has strong anti-fouling ability.Read More

  • Grey Concrete Outdoor Tile

    Grey Concrete Outdoor Tile

    Wholesale grey concrete outdoor tile,the rustic tile ,has a perfect cement look.Natural, industrial, antique, cement bricks from nature.The cultural creativity of cement bricks is of historical and cultural value.Read More

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