Glazed Tile

  • Digital Vitrified Floor Tiles

    Digital Vitrified Floor Tiles

    As the unique rustic tile,the candy glazed tile has showed up its charm.Warm color with the water stains looking.Digital vitrified floor tiles as one of the glazed tile,it also inherit the advantage of the glazed tile.Read More

  • Polished Glazed Vitrified Tiles

    Polished Glazed Vitrified Tiles

    Polished glazed vitrified tiles was produced through polished to let the surface more glossy.Furthermore,this rustic glazed tile has the surface like the little sugar spread on the tile surface.It is a good good choice for your home decoration.Read More

  • Nano Polished Vitrified Tiles

    Nano Polished Vitrified Tiles

    Nano polished vitrified tiles use the nano technology to finish the tile.This technology can make the surface more exquisite.Read More

  • Glazed Vitrified Tiles Wiki

    Glazed Vitrified Tiles Wiki

    Nowadays,so many rustic tiles produced through polished the glazed for its surface that can be easy clean ,non-slip,etc.Glazed vitrified tiles wiki also need to meet these processes.Read More

  • White Vitrified Floor Tiles

    White Vitrified Floor Tiles

    White vitrified floor tiles not only belong to the glazed tile,but also belong to rustic tile.This kind of tiles are look different from wood look tiles and marble tiles for their natural sandstone texture.Read More

  • Matte Finish Vitrified Tiles

    Matte Finish Vitrified Tiles

    Matte finish vitrified tiles have the matt surface for their special sugar-like particles.Under the action of the light,their feature can be fully showed in your eyes.Shiny and touchy must can attract your eyeballs.Read More

  • Glazed Ceramic Tile for Bathroom Floor

    Glazed Ceramic Tile for Bathroom Floor

    Glazed ceramic tile for bathroom floor as the rustic tile,using for the bathroom looks so modern.Main gloden tone match the white colour,extraordinary and distinguished.Read More

  • Shiny Ceramic Tile Floor

    Shiny Ceramic Tile Floor

    As the rustic candy glazed tile,shiny ceramic tile floor looks so different.It’s pattern like marble tile combine with cobblestone.Grey tone can make you feel your house more noble.Read More

  • Sealing Glazed Ceramic Tile

    Sealing Glazed Ceramic Tile

    The rustic tile for sealing glazed ceramic tile looks so bright with the light colours.Like so many fine particles of sugar spread on the tile surface,that can make the tiles more different.Read More

  • Glazed Porcelain Tile Flooring

    Glazed Porcelain Tile Flooring

    As the rustic glazed tile,glazed porcelain tile flooring has the wood look tiles’ appearance.But this candy glazed tile also has fine particles of sugar,that can make the tiles so special.Read More

  • Glazed Porcelain Ceramic Tiles

    Glazed Porcelain Ceramic Tiles

    Rustic tile,the glazed porcelain ceramic tiles with antique flavours are their unique features.Grey tone pattern like the real stone,that is how a beautiful glazed tile.Read More

  • Glazed Rustic Porcelain Tiles

    Glazed Rustic Porcelain Tiles

    Rustic tile with the gloden tone that can make the glazed rustic porcelain tiles different.Above the surface,the stone like pattern is its unique feature.Read More

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