• Light Brown Marble Tile

    Light Brown Marble Tile

    FOB price: Get latest price Machine pressure: about 7200tons Product capability: 50000sqm per day MOQ: one container one model Payment support: L/C, T/TRead More

  • White And Grey Marble Tiles

    White And Grey Marble Tiles

    White and grey marble tiles belongs light grey series, upon the tiles surface, like water wave on them. The full body marble tile owns the water absorption below 0.05%. Main grey colour can also can let space more high-end and more bright. 600*1200mm big size you can cut...Read More

  • Honed Marble Bathroom Floor

    Honed Marble Bathroom Floor

    Factory modern honed marble bathroom floor as the full body marble tile, not only has good practicality, but the decorative effect is excellent. Embryo body and surface effect are the same natural colour and texture. For this character, the tiles can't be influenced by many...Read More

  • Black Wood Look Tile

    Black Wood Look Tile

    The tile has anti-corrosion and dirt resistance, and black represents elegance and simplicity. It is today's popular minimalist style and is suitable for all major groups.Read More

  • White Wood Effect Tiles

    White Wood Effect Tiles

    The tile style is similar to white wood, but it has the acid resistance, anti-slip property, durability, dirt resistance, environmental protection and safety of white wood.Read More

  • Gray Floor Tile That Looks Like Wood

    Gray Floor Tile That Looks Like Wood

    The pattern of the tile gray floor tile that looks like wood is applied to some items in life, such as an orchid, a cup of coffee, the design color is simple gray, or brown, it looks simple and atmospheric.Read More

  • Wood Effect Ceramic Floor Tiles

    Wood Effect Ceramic Floor Tiles

    The brick is called wood effect ceramic floor tiles, and its appearance is wood grain. It is actually a ceramic tile, which is environmentally friendly and durable.Read More

  • Laminate Flooring That Looks Like Ceramic Tile

    Laminate Flooring That Looks Like Ceramic Tile

    The wood look floor tile pattern is a popular product. It has low water absorption, high quality and affordable price, light color and unique style. It has become one of the five popular products.Read More

  • Marble Tile Bathroom Shower

    Marble Tile Bathroom Shower

    This Marble Tile Bathroom Shower is a full-body marble tile with polished surface tiles. The floor tiles have a sand-like texture that feels like the wind, refreshing and natural.Read More

  • wood look floor tile patterns

    wood look floor tile patterns

    This Wood look tile kitchen backsplash, now the most popular timber effect floor tiles, is in line with contemporary decoration preferences, and people are deeply attracted by its vintage.Read More

  • Beige Marble Floor Tiles

    Beige Marble Floor Tiles

    The beige marble floor tiles, the dark texture effect, reflects the layering of the marble, realismRead More

  • Ceramic Flooring That Looks Like Wood

    Ceramic Flooring That Looks Like Wood

    The ceramic flooring that looks like wood, archaize wooden tile, let people feel The beauty of nature, natural colorRead More

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