• Digital Glazed Wood Look Tile

    Digital Glazed Wood Look Tile

    Wholesale digital glazed wood look tile,the wood look tile,classy and colorful.Unique facing variations of each color in a box so you can create a special, timeless look.The digital can also make the tile more vivid.Read More

  • Light Surface Wood Effect Porcelain Tile

    Light Surface Wood Effect Porcelain Tile

    Wholesale light surface wood effect porcelain tile belong to the light tiles, has the wonderful wood look pattern that can make you think you are using the real wood.Furthermore,the the feature of this wood look tile is porcelain ,that means the tile has the low water absorption.Read More

  • Wood Style Ceramic Floor Tiles

    Wood Style Ceramic Floor Tiles

    Wholesale wood style ceramic floor tiles,this wood look tile has ink-jet print quality, which produces a high definition image that thoroughly covers the tile and results in a natural, authentic look.Wood look pattern is this kind of wood look tile’s unique.Read More

  • Rustic Decor Puzzle Tile

    Rustic Decor Puzzle Tile

    Wholesale Rustic decor puzzle tile has the small body,but can make your house more personalise.Rustic tile with a beautiful collection of rich colors and a wonderful slight rippled effect that can make the tile more antique.Read More

  • Rustic Ceramic Tiles

    Rustic Ceramic Tiles

    Wholesale rustic ceramic tiles combine with different colours,have the Mexico style.For one of the pattern tiles,this tile can show you its spirit and bring you a high-end feeling.Read More

  • Flower Style Rustic Floor Tiles

    Flower Style Rustic Floor Tiles

    Wholesale flower style rustic floor tiles,the pattern tiles have the random patterns that can make your house more beautiful.Read More

  • Rustic Pattern Porcelain Wall Tile

    Rustic Pattern Porcelain Wall Tile

    Wholesale rustic pattern porcelain wall tile with 4 colors on the surface,has the countryside's feeling.This traditional and beautiful design can slso match with the modern design.Low water absorption is one of the feature for keep its durable.Read More

  • Flower Pattern Ceramic Tile

    Flower Pattern Ceramic Tile

    Wholesale flower pattern ceramic tile looks so beautiful for its warm and rich colours.Stable colour match can make you have a feeling of harmonious.Besides,this rustic tile also have the flower patterns can also make you feel more vitality.Read More

  • Decor Puzzle Bathroom Tiles

    Decor Puzzle Bathroom Tiles

    Wholesale decor puzzle bathroom tiles,the rustic tiles use the unique printed technology to make the tiles colourful.They the main feature of this tile are durable and low water absorption.Read More

  • Colorful Rustic Pattern Tile

    Colorful Rustic Pattern Tile

    Wholesale colorful rustic pattern tile,the rustic tile has the wonderful warmth tones,that can make your house not only more colourful,but also warmth.Read More

  • Rustic Look Decor Puzzle Tile

    Rustic Look Decor Puzzle Tile

    Wholesale rustic look decor puzzle tile,the rustic tile,has the rustic look.That’s beautiful.Besides,the mix colourful tones can make the tiles look different.Read More

  • Handmade Cement Tiles

    Handmade Cement Tiles

    Wholesale handmade cement tiles,the rustic tiles,exquisite patterns, rich colors, dazzling living room, used in the restaurant, there will be full of taste, a large area of paving, a strong sense of fashion to create a free environment, the paving of the living room to the...Read More

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