Non Slip Crystal Polished Porcelain Tile

Wholesale non slip crystal polished porcelain tile,one of the super white tiles with smooth texture, delicate, changeable, hard texture, sparkling extraordinary temperament.

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Product Details


Factory non slip crystal polished porcelain tile features a smooth glazed finish with a silk sheen to enhance any space. The super white color forms a perfect complement to a variety of structural textures and materials, making it an ideal choice for contemporary or more traditional spaces. It can coordinate with matching trim pieces to create the look you want from kitchen counters and backsplashes to bathroom walls right down to the bedroom floor.

Product parameters

Product name: Non Slip Crystal Polished Porcelain Tile

Brand name


Place of Origin



Super white tile



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Water absorptiopn


Feature: Waterproof, wear-Resistant, compression resistant, dirt resistant, acid resistant, non-slip, frost resistance.


  • Water absorption: The water absorption is low, which will make the tiles can be used for a long time.

  • Flatness: face-to-face facing tiles, only tiny seams on the sides.

  • Shiny and crystal clear, smooth and delicate texture.

  • It also can match with all kind of tiles,such as super black tile, marble tile,cement tile and so on.

  • We can also provide you the sales suggestions to you to grow up your business.

  • We also can do OEM and ODM for you.

Product Application

It is a popular choice of wall decor for modern kitchens, study room, bathrooms, fireplaces, or any other indoor or outdoor space.

Packaging and Transportation

Packaging detail


Wooden pallets with fumigation

Solid wood corners

Protective films

Delivery detail

Ship by sea

Samples ship by express delivery

Normally 40days for shipment


After the goods produced, we always arrange QC team to inspect the goods. One of the famous QC team, ITS, will use their professional attitude to inspect the tiles, such as scratch-resistant test, anti-pollution test, water absorption test, ect. So our tiles are excellent good.


Q: How to test the water absorption rate of tiles?

A: A simple method is to pour colored water (like ink) on the back of the tile, if ink diffuses, its water absorption is low, otherwise, the ink would seep into the tile. Another method, to touch the back of tile body, the more powder you got, the higher water absorption will be.

Q: Does LVKI has catalogue?

A: Sure, we have full range catalogue of our products.

Q: How can we start the work?

A: Firstly, send your quantity and prefer design to us,then we can make the offer to you. Secondary, confirm all the details, and place the order ,then we can arrange the delivery.

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