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Zhongtao Equipment Materials Exhibition Mid-Autumn Media Association
- Oct 02, 2018 -

On the afternoon of September 1, Foshan Zhongtao Alliance Technology Co., Ltd. held a mediation event in Mid-Autumn Festival in Foshan Pan Home Creative Industry Park·Founder Cafe.

Nearly 50 representatives from the mass media, industry media and new media from China gathered together to discuss the development trend of the ceramics industry, and to promote the transformation of ceramics enterprises from the exhibition hall economy to the exhibition economy. How can the exhibition platform help the ceramic industry to optimize and upgrade, exhibition and media marketing? New topics and other topics. The guests on the scene spoke enthusiastically and expressed their opinions and made suggestions for the development of the two major exhibitions of the China Ceramics Alliance.


The two major exhibitions of the 2018 China Ceramics Alliance were successfully held

“The shoulders of the iron shoulders are good and the article is handy!” Obviously, the successful holding of the two major exhibitions of the China Ceramics Alliance in 2018 has brought greater market impact to China's ceramics, sanitary products and ceramic equipment materials industry, and issued the strongest sound in China to the world ceramic industry. The brand and ceramic equipment industry have a far-reaching influence in the global market! The long road of torrents is constantly flowing. The two major exhibitions of the China Ceramics Alliance not only need the full support of people of insight in the national industry, but also the advice and suggestions of the media friends, experts and scholars.

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