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World Champion Cui Zhaoju: Be A Craftsman Of Inheritance Skills
- Jul 07, 2018 -

At the age of 19, he won the world's skill competition tile veneer project China's first gold

Last month, Cui Zhaoju won the "China Youth May Fourth Medal". While excited and excited, he felt pressure and responsibility. "Looking at the people around me are very big brothers and sisters, and a student at school won this honor, and I feel that the responsibility on my shoulders is even heavier." Cui Zhaoju said.

In fact, Cui Zhaoju’s student at school is not at all simple. Last year, he won the gold medal in the 44th World Skills Competition ceramic veneer project. The World Skills Competition (hereinafter referred to as “World Tournament”) is the highest-ranking, largest and most influential vocational skill competition in the world. It is known as the “Olympics of the Olympics”. The medal won by Cui Zhaoju is still the Chinese Legion. The first gold in a project.

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