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Wood Grain With Natural Texture And Vintage Atmosphere
- Apr 09, 2018 -

Wood grain bricks are evolved from wood floors. There were no wood grain bricks a few years ago. After wood flooring alone, it was found that the price of wood floors was relatively expensive, so there were many The consumers are far behind us. Even if they are very fond of themselves, if they are not so economically strong, they will be blocked outside the door!

In the first two to three years, after the wood grain bricks were developed by Weishengbao manufacturers, it was possible to bring natural texture to ordinary homes. The wood grain bricks made by Weishengbao wood grain bricks are based on each kind of wood. The textures are copied. The texture can be much higher than the texture of the wood. Compared with the natural texture, the effect is not so good. Because the wood is natural, the wood brick is made of ceramic tiles. It's obvious that there is a difference in natural effects, but it's not that it's not!

Each kind of wood grain brick imitates different wood and will have different effects! The teak wood king series of Weisheng Fort, with the original ecological precious teak as the planning concept, creates a common wood grain brick with natural texture and color. Rich antique colors, high and low imprints, wood grain nuanced, showing the personality characteristics of retroism; little insects effect, highlighting the originality of the data, here seems to smell the smell of natural villages, coupled with its uneven appearance The disposal has become a kind of anti-plain and natural style. Blending the natural and classical common charm makes people fill the space with fantasy and fascination.

The natural wood color of the wood grain bricks makes everyone feel comfortable and joyful. It is natural and natural. This minimalist pastoralist suggestion makes the home overflow with a radiant style that is warm and poignant!

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