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Wood Grain Bricks Swept In
- Apr 09, 2018 -

At this stage, with the gradual improvement of people's living standards, people will also have requirements for the quality of home life, the development of floor tiles will gradually launch the stage of home improvement, wood grain bricks have taken the place of momentum.

Maintenance of wood grain bricks gradually facilitated

Wood grain bricks consume more energy Wood grain brick is difficult to maintain is past style, and now whether it is solid wood tile or laminate flooring in the wear resistance has been greatly improved, strengthen the floor is due to a good wear resistance and free Going to many issues of late maintenance.

The floor tiles will be black for a long time because they are not easy to clean and care, and the floor tiles and floor tiles will get darker and darker due to dirt, which not only affects the appearance but also affects health. In particular, one piece of bricks needs to be completely replaced, which is very wasteful. However, wood grain bricks can be replaced by a single piece, which is very convenient.

Paving cost floor tile is larger than wood grain brick

Paving costs higher than wood grain bricks Many consumers believe that wood grain bricks are much more expensive than floor tiles, especially solid wood grain bricks. In fact, some of the price of the floor tiles are the same as the prices of the solid wood tiles. Some of them are even more expensive than the solid wood tiles and even tens of dollars. In the case of the same price, because tiles are prone to breakage in paving and do not put on free paving or even teams with no professional paving, consumers can only find their own paving, labor costs and cement sand and other accessories each. Square meters will cost about 40 yuan, plus the cost of moving upstairs, of course, can not rule out the damage in the process of laying bricks and personal waste.

If the floor is installed, this cost can be saved for other purposes. After careful calculation, it was found that for a piece of ceramic tiles priced at 300 yuan plus 40 yuan in labor costs, the price could buy one square meter of excellent wood species, or 3-5 square meters of laminate flooring, then the price was equal. Under the conditions, choosing wood grain bricks is certainly more cost-effective than floor tiles.

Wood grain tiles are more environmentally friendly than floor tiles

Wood grain can adjust the humidity of the air Many people think that solid wood tiles are afraid of water, and damp will be arched, while the floor tiles are not afraid of water, good care. In fact, bricks are indeed cleaner than wood-grained bricks, but it is a misunderstanding to say that wood is afraid of water. For example, good teak wood is the best material for shipbuilding. Wood grain bricks can absorb moisture, especially for those who live on the first floor. Wood grain bricks are the most suitable. Winter homes do not have a cold, cold and cold feeling. Tiles cannot absorb moisture, and in the winter, when the humidity increases, the room will be colder. In addition, the bricks are more affinity, and the children are willing to run around with bare feet.

Psychologists also suggest that home-built wood grain bricks can reduce noise and make people feel more relaxed than paving bricks. It is a stress-reducing role for urbanites who are increasingly stressed. The pursuit of a more environmentally-friendly and comfortable living environment is the common wish of today's urban people. The effect of home improvement is more and more comprehensive.

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