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Wood Grain Bricks Have Become A Global Fashion Trend
- Aug 20, 2018 -

Wood grain bricks have become a global fashion trend

Clear wooden texture, but touched cold, you think it is wooden floor, in fact it is wood grain brick; vigorous pattern, heavy physique, you think it is marble, in fact it is imitation stone brick... whether it is The Taobao Fair, which has just ended, is still in the exhibition halls of major brands. It is found that this season's new products are still taking the “imitation” route. The imitation wood and imitation stone products are hot, which is the characteristic of this season.

1. Imitation wood products are mostly long strips

According to industry sources, the increase in wood grain bricks has become a global ceramic wave. At the 23rd Foshan Ceramics Fair, wood-like and imitation stone tiles accounted for half of the exhibition. At this year's Tao Expo, this trend is even more vivid.

It is noted that wood-like products are mainly distinguished from wood species, some are imitation sandalwood, some are imitation wood, and some are other wood species. There are also some concepts to create, such as the Mori live wood series, which pays attention to people's natural and fresh feelings. Some are differentiated by year, while others are differentiated according to the style of decoration.

2. Imitation stone products are safer

Stone and tile have been attached for more than 10 years. According to industry sources, the imitation stone tile is based on the natural stone temperament, the internal quality, texture, surface, specifications, color and other indicators, are mostly blue and blue than the blue.

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