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Wood Grain Bricks Create Homes Of Love For Post-modern Young People
- Apr 09, 2018 -

Wood grain bricks create homes of love for post-modern young people:

Wood grain is a kind of natural wood texture, which can give people a comfortable feeling. It is close to nature and presents wood grain decorative patterns. Wood grain bricks are different from wood floors. Wood floors are natural wood. Home improvement flooring is not suitable, but the second person's color is only one, you say there will be several colors of wood it? Then there are more than a dozen, and in general, will not use mahogany, and other valuable timber To make a wooden floor, in that case, how much money is needed! In terms of price, the second person is still inappropriate when the home improvement materials; post-modern young people who like personalization are in need of more personal decoration, wooden floor The stunned look is not a welcome to post-modern young people!

Wood grain bricks are not the same, wood grain bricks are made of ceramics, realistic lines, natural and simple, there is no wood floor fade, not wear shortcomings, easy maintenance of matt glazed tiles. The above texture is modeled on the texture of natural wood. Looking in the distance, there is no closeness to the feeling. It is not the same as the rooting of the wooden floor. It cannot be seen. The tone is no better than the wooden floor. The wood grain brick The color can be ever-changing. You can use white as the main color, choose a light yellow wood texture, you can use light red as the main color, choose beige as a wood texture, etc., you can freely collaborate; such a wood grain brick is the most appropriate today's post-modern Mainstream young people!

Wood grain bricks give us love to create a home, to the family has been a warm kind of close to nature; return to the feeling of return!! Do you think it? The solid wood tile is the same ceramic tile; Wei Sheng Fort luxury industry is specialized in the production of ceramic tiles The manufacturers are also the first-class brands in the country; our products include: wood grain bricks, antique bricks, ceramic tiles, etc.; Wei Shengbao ceramics has entered many families, especially in recent years can be said to be now 7% of all home-installed households are using ceramic tiles.

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