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Wood Grain Bricks Become The First Choice
- Aug 21, 2018 -

Following the rhythm of nature, carrying family members, stepping into the green hills together, and picking up the fruits of the “farmhouse” ecological park leisure mode has become a fashion show for more and more urban people on weekends or holidays. As the standard of living continues to improve, the noisy and high pollution of the city makes people, especially the elites of the city, return to freedom, return to the embrace of nature, and stay away from sub-health.

The air in the ecological park is fresh and the environment is pleasant, which satisfies people's longing for the world's Taoyuan and the farmer's customs. However, once or twice, it is difficult to satisfy people's inner desires. Therefore, in the choice of home building materials, many people are more and more fond of pursuing a simple, natural and ecologically balanced lifestyle. Healthy home products such as wood grain bricks have become the first choice.

The wood-grained bricks are taken from nature, scanned with very high-precision wood specimens, and then combined with international trends to create artistic materials, which are natural and unique. It is in line with the ideal home environment where “City People” pursue leisure, tranquility, and simple farmhouse style and natural ecological atmosphere. Among them, the Blue Mountain porcelain wood series with ICC tiles is the most popular. ICC Blue Mountain Porcelain is the leader in high-end wood grain bricks with the most advanced design and technology in line with international trends. It displays the richest texture, the most natural space, the most realistic appearance, the most complete details and the most realistic texture. Excellent characteristics, the most natural new choice for wood-based building materials.

In addition to being used in the bedroom and living room, the products of Lanshan Porcelain Wood Wood Brick are cool and comfortable, and are more suitable for outdoor use, especially for balconies and home gardens. Since one or two outdoor ecological experiences are not enough to satisfy their content, the urbanites now move the “outdoor ecological park” back to their homes. They are popular in the balcony or in the home garden to grow flowers and grass, while moving some simple and easy to grow vegetables, such as shallots, peppers, peas, pomegranates, lemons, edamame, grapes, etc., not only dotted the balcony, but also added new Natural landscape, and you can also eat healthy vegetables of your own.

In this kind of atmosphere, the choice of home building materials is of course the preferred wood grain brick, because only the "wood" can be combined with nature. Only the blue-stone porcelain wood-grain bricks can withstand the exposure of the scorching sun, and the erosion of rainwater and artificial watering. What makes people feel at ease is that so many plants and vegetables are planted on balconies and gardens. It is inevitable to move and lift the movements, while the wood-grained bricks are not afraid of scratching and deformation, and are not afraid of insect bites. Let them experience the natural ecology at home as they please.

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