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Why Is There Such A Huge Old House Decoration Market In Shanghai
- Nov 22, 2018 -

Why is there such a huge old house decoration market in Shanghai

   The reporter continued to communicate with the tile channel vendors. The answers are as follows: first, the government policy drive; second, consumers just need to make it; third, some agencies and other institutions to guide.

   In recent years, due to the introduction of restrictions and the introduction of the hardcover housing policy, the newly opened real estate in the urban area of Shanghai is very rare, coupled with the rapid rise in housing prices, forcing the volume of second-hand housing to rise rapidly. After a change of ownership, the new owners of the old houses usually carry out a renovation, which drives the development of the old house decoration market.

   At the same time, the old decoration more than ten years ago, no matter from the style or the rigid need for functionality, can not meet the needs of the owners, which is one of the driving forces to promote the renovation and renovation of the old house. Xia Weiqiang said in an interview: "Especially the function of kitchen and bathroom is limited by the old decoration, many new functional products can not be used; some aging and unusable equipment also makes this demand very urgent, then the overall packaged It is especially important to renovate the renovation."

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