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Why Is The Development Of Imported Tiles Blocked?
- Jul 18, 2018 -

Lack of competition is sometimes not a good thing. "Thinking about competition now may be a good thing. It is the development of the entire category. In the past, the competition for imported ceramic tiles was small, which led to poor marketing awareness and how to compete. Now the domestic ceramic tile brand has become more and more competitive. The nature that does not understand competition is eliminated by the market." Wang Jiaping felt very sorry about this.

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Excluding the subjective factors of these practitioners, such as cost increases, single channel, brand agent changes and other objective factors may be the main reason for the blocked development of imported ceramic tiles. Wang Jiahong clearly recognized these problems but could not change them. “In terms of cost, the import tariff on imported ceramic tiles is as high as 12.5%. The high damage rate combined with the high cost of storage and logistics facilities makes the cost of imported ceramic tiles much higher than domestic ceramic tiles. The price limits the development of imported tiles;

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