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Why Is It So Popular?
- Apr 09, 2018 -

With the trend of home decoration stylization becoming more and more obvious, after the development of these years, wood grain bricks have fully entered the mature period of the market. Wood grain bricks have gradually become the new darling of the market. Why is it so popular?

1, wood grain brick "caused by wood is better than wood!"

Imitation solid wood grain bricks inspired by the precious wood pattern, the real wood wood grain pattern copied to the tile, can be described as "from wood." On the other hand, due to its natural and physical properties, wood grain bricks that are ceramics are superior to solid wood in many aspects such as fire protection, water resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, etc., and can be said to be “than wood”.

2, wood grain taste high, "wood is also luxurious!"

Wood grain bricks can also be luxurious, luxury without reason, but luxury is not a luxury. In many wood grain brick decoration projects, there is no shortage of high-end luxury buildings, which are widely used in high-end building halls. Where wood is used, wood grain bricks can be used to highlight the luxury of wood grain bricks.

3, the advantages of wood grain extraordinary, "wood is crazy!"

It is incredible that something like wood is not afraid of fire, water, and acid and alkali!

4, the classic lasting time, "the choice of elegant life!"

Due to the characteristics of its products, the classic wood-graining style is not out of date, and it is especially loved by designers. It is a choice of wood-grained bricks and various architectural designs, making it the material of choice for classic decoration.

5. Protecting nature and using wood-grained bricks to reduce deforestation

Forests are the regulators of the atmosphere. They have a positive impact on the atmosphere and are crucial to the formation of rainwater. Wood grain tiles are made from clay and do not need to be felled. This is the biggest protection for the forest.

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