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Why Automated Production Will Be The Future Trend?
- Jun 14, 2018 -

In the past, a large amount of labor was required for the production of ceramic tiles, such as raw material procurement, testing, batching, intermittent ball milling, in-and-out kiln machines, glazing printing, quality inspection and sorting, and packing and storage. Operatives. When you catch up with the peak season or when you have a large amount of demand, you need to make continuous shifts to ensure that you have a 24-hour job.

rustic wood grain tile.jpg

In recent years, tile companies have begun to use fully automated production lines, completing one-stop work from production to assembly. Most companies that have high repeatability and labor intensity in packing, brick, brick, brick, palletizing, etc. Most companies have begun to realize automation, especially the widespread use of inkjet printing, so that the previous flower glaze preparation, printing The number of laborers in such processes is greatly reduced.

With the continuous improvement of the degree of automatic intelligence, many jobs that had previously required employees to operate have been replaced by machines. Although many of these steps still require employee operations, the number of employees has been greatly reduced. It is understood that Italy's automated production line has been developed to only require 20 people to complete production.

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