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When Was The Gujiashan Tunnel Officially Used?
- Jul 03, 2018 -

“Gujiashan Tunnel is the first time that reflective tiles are used in the national high-speed.” On the afternoon of the 19th, Han Yuping, the designer of reflective tiles and the chairman of Sichuan Jiebang Technology Co., Ltd., introduced the first batch of reflective tiles to Gujiashan at the end of last year. At the tunnel construction site, the workers began to renovate the tunnel. Due to various weather and other reasons, the tunnel was completed nearly three months ago.

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According to Han Yuping, although the length of the tunnel single hole is 2.1 kilometers, only 1.3 kilometers of the two ends of the tunnel have been reconstructed, and there are still hundreds of meters in the middle of the tunnel. "This is also a exploration and experiment of high-speed managers to form a clear "Compared." Han Yuping, the tunnel reflective tiles won the red dot award, causing widespread concern in the domestic tunnel construction industry. Owners and design agencies such as Beijing Capital, Sichuan Expressway, Mianyang Investment Control, and Mianyang Interchange have thrown olive branches into the tunnel reflective tiles. According to the progress of the project and actual needs, the Gujiashan Tunnel of the Qinling Tunnel Group of the Beijing-Kunming Expressway was the first to try the product.

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