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What Is The Effect Of Home Covered With Antique Tiles?
- Apr 09, 2018 -

Speaking of ceramic tile decoration, many people will think of Casa Batllo in Barcelona, Spain, which is a classic from architect Gaudi. But have you ever thought that if your home is covered with tiles, what kind of experience will it be? Recently, “Canggu Tiles” announced its formal entry into the “house-wide customization” field to provide consumers with more environmental protection and more Durable, more beautiful home products.

After more than 30 years of accumulation in R&D and design in the field of antique bricks, currently, “Canggu Tiles” has more than 1,000 kinds of colors, products ranging from 5cm 5cm to 90cm and 90cm, and has a group of highly skilled workers. Specially paved. With the proposal of the whole house customization concept, Nagato will “strengthen” in the bathroom and kitchen space.

Bathroom cabinets and shower rooms customized with ceramic tiles can better echo the wall surfaces and floor tiles of bathrooms, and the colors are more uniform and harmonized. It is also possible to avoid the disadvantages of easy deformation and mildew of conventional wood; , cabinets, can create more flexible storage space, while reducing the trouble of water and oil accumulation, easy care, safety and environmental protection. At the same time, the latest Dandelion, Aegean, Peacock, Sardinia and other tiles, inspired by the inspiration of nature, the texture of the surface is softer, the curvature is more natural and smooth, the color is more dynamic and warm, to a certain extent, the tiles are not It's cold again.

There are a few classic designs related to tiles in foreign countries, and the advantages of using ceramic tiles in home furnishings are also unnecessary. The innovation of the tile brand is a good thing, but whether the antique brick “old” label can be torn off, whether space design and color matching can truly meet the consumers’ aesthetic and mind, and whether the technical and professionalism of tile laying can be improved To ensure that the real estate customization can be realized, is the biggest test for the ceramic tile industry.

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