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Using Tiles To Decor The Bedroom,more Decoration Style Content Three
- May 06, 2018 -

Polished tiles become protagonists

Choosing a quiet, clean, comfortable tile in the bedroom is more suitable and the polished tiles are the protagonist of the bedroom. The bricks of polished tiles have high whiteness, strong anti-fouling power and anti-static properties. They are used in all kinds of elegant living rooms for decoration. The effect is ethereal, light and romantic, which makes people feel more comfortable. Since it was polished, the problem followed, and the polished tiles were not resistant to dirt. After being dragged with the mop, watermarks were left. The second disadvantage is that the polished tile is not slippery; the third problem is that the colored liquid is easy to infiltrate. The simplest test is to use a pen to write a few words on the surface of the brick. The poor polished tile will infiltrate the handwriting. Therefore, you should choose a polished brick with a large quality, because it is not easy to seep into the liquid due to its high density.

WLT04 wood look tile GMM915311 1590.jpg

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