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Ultra Flat Glaze, Changing The Flatness Defect Of All Glazing
- Oct 27, 2018 -

Ultra flat glaze, changing the flatness defect of all glazing

In recent two years, ceramic enterprises are also trying to change this defect. During this autumn pottery exposition, some well-known pottery enterprises have launched new super-flat glaze products, and held a grand press conference. This is an upgraded product with fully cast glaze. The surface glaze is thickened and then flattened to solve the unevenness of the glaze surface.

If this kind of product can be popularized on a large scale, it will have a great impact on ordinary full-cast glaze and thin microcrystalline.

It is understood that super-flat glaze has been first seen in the industry since last year, and has been vigorously promoted by some enterprises this year. The price is between full-cast glaze and thin microcrystal. At the same time, the problem of water ripple on the surface of ordinary full-cast glaze has been solved, and the quality and permeability of the products have been improved.

Under the impact of super flat glaze, ordinary glazing and thin crystallites will not disappear from the market. Thin microcrystalline because of the more economical, will be more to the development of auxiliary products, such as wall, carving or other supporting decoration.

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