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Tiles, What The Consumer Needs Is?Content Two
- Jun 11, 2018 -

Different types of tile sales vary. From the perspective of usage, business buildings are mainly based on large-scale purchases of architectural tiles and focus on practicality; home décor prefers visual and personalization. From the perspective of consumer groups, modern youths have adopted Japanese-style simplicity and prefer simple, elegant and generous ceramic tiles; middle-aged and young people tend to use simple and practical tiles. From the tile grade point of view, due to the rough workmanship and other shortcomings of low-grade tile products, consumers are shrinking; middle-grade tile products are not luxurious, unassuming, but because of its clean, tidy, bright and affordable features, sales ranked No. One; high-grade ceramic tile products are magnificent and exhilarating, rising directly to the enjoyment level of art, high prices, a small audience.

rustic antique wood look tile.jpg

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