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Tiles In Zhangzhou
- Jun 18, 2018 -

Ceramics is a cultural treasure of the Chinese nation and an important card for China’s foreign economic and cultural exchanges. Ganzhou is a daily-use ceramics production base in northern China. The ceramic industry has a long history of development. Since the Liao and Song Dynasties flourished, they continued to extend their vicissitudes, passed on from time to time, and created a ceramic civilization with regional characteristics. For thousands of years, Luzhou ceramics have been sold to the rest of the world through the land and sea Silk Road, which has played an important role in promoting economic and trade development and cultural exchange between China and other countries in the world. In recent years, Ganzhou has persisted in implementing innovation-driven development strategies, vigorously developing hi-tech ceramics and ceramics cultural and creative industries, and creating a “big ceramic” industrial structure integrating ceramic production, ceramics trade, ceramics technology, and ceramics culture. Renewed vitality and vitality.

special wood look tile floor tiles.jpg

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