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Tile Paving Good Doorway
- Apr 24, 2018 -

Home decoration, living room floor, kitchen, bathroom, balcony and other places will use tiles, tile laying is a time-consuming, laborious project, on the one hand, when the tiling process is very particular about the construction process, good technology, Not only make the paving effect beautiful and smart, on the grade, but also make the project quality worry-free; on the other hand, paving ceramic tiles on the professional level of the workers demanding. As the saying goes: The amateurs watch the bustle and the insiders look at the doorway. From what aspects do we need to identify the quality of the workers' craft and the quality of the craft?

Doorway 1: Sticky puzzles for large bricks and low water absorption bricks

At present, the supply of sand cement in the home improvement market is in tight supply, prices have risen sharply, and larger and harder tiles have appeared on the market. However, traditional tile-laying techniques have not been able to adapt to new ceramic tile products and market demands, and thus suitable adhesive materials And paving methods have emerged gradually. The thin-paste method has been promoted in the industry for several years. The thin-paste concept originates from Germany. It uses professional tile adhesives and has a thickness of 3 mm to 5 mm for paving, kneading, squeezing, compaction and positioning. The sticking method sequentially pastes the tiles in a puzzle on the clay. Not only saves material, but also helps to improve work efficiency and reduce the occupancy of indoor space. Oriental Yuhong expert Tian Dajiang introduced that Dongfang Yuhong, combined with nearly twenty years of experience in construction application technology, took the lead in presenting solutions for waterproofing and ceramic tile mounting systems, bringing the matching tile-laying technology and advanced adhesive materials to The market has solved the sticking problems of large bricks and low water absorption bricks, and through the cooperation with mainstream home improvement companies such as modern decoration, it has actively promoted the transformation of construction methods of the industry through standardized training and the competitive platform of tiling contests. Accelerate the advent of thin-tie construction technology era.

Doorway 2: Paving method should be wall pressure? Or pressure wall?

Observe the effect of ceramic tiles in kitchens and bathrooms carefully. You will find two ways of laying bricks and floor tiles and wall tiles. Which method is more correct? The Beijing Morning Post reporter interviewed Ding Sanbao, the deputy chief of Speedy's Super Home. He said that the “pressure wall” is a common practice in the construction of tiles in home improvement. The wall tiles are first attached and can be attached from the bottom floor to the wall. Re-tiling the tiles, the construction difficulty is small, and the emptying rate is small; the disadvantage of the “ground pressure wall” is that the waterproof effect is relatively poor. If the left seams are slightly larger or are not filled properly, with the temperature change, the water leaking at the wall and floor joints is easy to form. point. The “wall press” starts from the bottom of the second wall tile, and the bottom line is left unlined. When sticking, the brick needs to be supported by wood and other materials to prevent the mortar from falling off. The advantage of the kind of paving method is that the wall and floor joints have a good waterproof effect; disadvantages: the bottom wall bricks are easy to empty, and the process is more complicated and time-consuming, the bottom wall tiles need to be cut according to the slope. There is a relatively high demand for master craftsmanship. In short, the difficulty of the two kinds of paving methods is mainly reflected in the ground slope requirements, wall pressure in the environment with higher requirements for waterproofing more practical than the pressure wall, but for the balcony, home garden, kitchen, due to ground slope There is basically no requirement, and there is no essential difference between the two.

Doorway 3: Adhesive products such as tile adhesives and interface agents have replaced cement yellow sand

With the low water absorption ceramic tile gradually becoming the mainstream of the industry, adhesive products such as tile adhesives and interface agents will replace cement yellow sand as the mainstream material for tile paving. At present, the process and construction standards for new materials such as ceramic tile adhesives and ceramic tile beautifying fillers and beautiful grout products are still market gaps. The big brands are optimistic about this market. For example, Huaneng Furniture and Nippon China jointly build a tile-laying system, launching a dual-brand tile-laying product, building a new material and laying out a new material process standard, and establishing an industry-studded worker skill certification. system. According to Zhong Zhonglin, President of Nippon China, “The whole system of tile paving” includes waterproof series, paving series, interface series and tool series. It is suitable for the waterproof & paving system in the six major areas of the whole house. The paving process uses tile adhesive instead of glue and cement yellow sand to mix. With professional scraping tools, only a thin layer is needed to complete the tile paving. Its good water resistance, acid and alkali resistance and aging resistance can be completely Solve the problems of empty drums, unevenness, leakage, brick dropping, etc. caused by cement sticking and sticking directly. In addition to strong waterproofing and tiling, environmental protection is also a top priority in the tile-laying system. Tile-laying uses non-toxic, environmental-friendly tile adhesives to completely eliminate the irritating odor and harm of formaldehyde in construction glue. Environmental protection is more than "surface kung fu."

Many decorators will ask, is the purchase of tiles, in the end is tile companies provide paving services? Or is the decoration company's bricklayer service good? This mainly depends on whether this tile company realizes the integration of tile sales and paving. Jia Feng, chairman of Huanai Home Group, said that tiles sold by Huanai Home will change the traditional “workshop” and “guerrilla” modes of operation, and will promote the service of the tile industry, in order to allow the ceramic tile to be applied to new materials. Standards will be implemented and Huanai Home will also cooperate with Nippon University to provide detailed skills training for paving workers in terms of product expertise, paving process, craftsmanship, and skills, and to build a sound certification system.

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