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Tile Industry Trend
- Jun 24, 2018 -

Yin Hong, Deputy Secretary-General of China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association: China's ceramic tile production was negative in 2018

The overall economic situation in 2018 should be very good, but China's ceramic tile production must be negative. The society is undergoing transformation. From high-speed growth to high-quality development, the brand has become the direction of industry and social development.

wood grain tile pattern tile.jpg

2018 trend of tile products: 1, ceramic plate and large size tiles; 2, modern antique brick, black and white gray as the mainstream color, post-industrial flavor Road; 3, terrazzo brick; 4, embossed brick (or called the mold brick, three-dimensional Bricks are widely spread and their performance is very delicate and detailed. 5, tile, a large increase in display and application, more diverse presentation methods; 6, tile product features.

Overall, after 30 years of "barbarous growth," the building ceramics industry will gradually enter a new era. A series of "new things" such as environmental protection, the Internet, new retail, and smart manufacturing are rushing toward us. Whether it is an opportunity or a challenge, the key lies in whether we are ready.

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