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There's An Automated Revolution In The Tile Industry. Who's In The Game?
- Jun 05, 2018 -

Automation is the necessity of The Times

With the continuous improvement of enterprise automation and intelligent level of production, from all walks of life in a huge change, from life no one no supermarkets, restaurants, cinemas and other application scenarios, let those who originally need manual labor to fill the job, all replaced by machines. This is the result of technological progress and the inevitable trend of The Times.

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As an important ceramic industry in the building materials industry, automatic intelligent production is definitely one of the biggest advantages of the ceramic industry in the future. Current domestic ceramic tile industry material consumption, energy consumption is high; Low per capita labor productivity and equipment productivity; The product quality is not stable and the delivery date cannot be guaranteed. As a labor-intensive industry, the automatic and intelligent operation can improve the production efficiency of equipment, to ensure product quality is stable and unified, the most important thing is, can save most of the labor costs for the enterprise.

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