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The Whole Home And Smart Business Innovation Summit Will Analyze The Trillion-dollar Home Improvement Market.
- Aug 09, 2018 -

In the past 20 years, from the consumer-grade Internet to the industrial Internet, it is now entering the era of smart business. At present, artificial intelligence has been gradually applied to finance, medical care, security, education, politics and other fields. Artificial intelligence will become the new engine of economic development. Core industry AI business has done a good job in the industry sector generally has a common feature: the industry scale, whether it is security, medical health, finance, car travel, retail is a trillion-level market, the imagination is huge.

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In the next 20 years, it will be the golden age of big home development. Big home will become an ecological trend. From upstream real estate to home-customized enterprises, to building materials and loading enterprises, the cooperative environment will be a mutual benefit, you have me, me. There is a trend in you, no upstream and downstream. In the process of integration, the industry is upgrading, efficiency, informationization, standardization, and standardization will be greatly improved. Moreover, black technology, big data, artificial intelligence, and even blockchain will eventually enter the civilian production industry of more than 8 trillion.

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