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The Transportation Industry Will Usher In New Changes Or Will Affect The Ceramic Enterprises
- Jul 24, 2018 -

Due to the cumbersome tile products, logistics costs have remained high. In 2016, since the introduction and implementation of the 9.23 policy to combat over-limit overload, the cost of bulk logistics has risen sharply. In the industry situation where profits are constantly compressed, the increase in logistics costs has led to the shrinking sales radius of many ceramic enterprises with low added value.

RT37 Rustic tile hexagon tiles  20186 17520.jpg

On June 25, the Ministry of Transport reported at the regular press conference in June that the Ministry of Transport has strengthened the ecological environment protection and laid the main measures for the fight against pollution.

According to reports, the ecological civilization construction of the transportation industry is divided into two-stage development goals of 2020 and 2035, which will promote the transformation and upgrading of transportation, improve quality and efficiency, and in 2020, the goal of “construction of traffic pollution prevention and control missions will be successfully completed”.

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