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The Tiling Competition Still Has A Certain Significance For The Cause Of Education.
- Aug 01, 2018 -

"The standards of the World Championship actually set us a benchmark." Cheng Zhenyang, dean of the Guangzhou Public Utilities Technician College, said that because the standards of the World Championships come from the world's top enterprises, they represent the direction of the industry, so the school is After participating in the World Championships or World Championships, the marketization standards will be included in the teaching and curriculum reform will be carried out. This reform has also boosted the quality employment of students.

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As the most prominent province in the country's technical education, young talents trained in Guangdong's technical and vocational schools have been winning gold on the stage of the world since 2011. In the national competitions in the Guangdong Division, such as prototyping, CNC milling, manufacturing team challenge, masonry, welding and other projects, players from Guangdong have won the world championship on behalf of the national team.

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