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The Second Phase Of The Canton Fair Is Expected To Be Optimistic
- Sep 09, 2018 -

Driven by the prosperous and popular popularity of the first phase, the opening of the 113th Canton Fair, which is the theme of daily consumption and gift homes, is a "return".

The reporter contacted the last major gifts and ceramic exhibitors from Guangdong and Zhejiang. It was found that the products of this year's Canton Fair were rich in design, and the first phase of the Canton Fair's buyers rebounded, which made the market more confident. Many exhibitors were optimistic about the Southern Reporter. It is said that whether it is a visitor flow or an intentional deal, it is likely to grow positively. “The turnover is stable or pre-increased by 10%” is a common view among exhibitors.

"In terms of volume, the second phase should still have a breakthrough, because manufacturing companies realized through the financial crisis that they need to add functionality to technological innovation." Wei Tao, marketing director of the global market group of the manufacturing e-commerce platform, told the Southern Reporter.

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