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The Number Of Hardcover Rooms Is Constantly Increasing
- May 24, 2018 -

In 1999, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development had released relevant policies, suggested or required developers to build more fully-furnished or hard-packed houses and reduce the proportion of rough houses. Since 2002, the Ministry of Construction has promulgated the “Detailed Rules for the Implementation of Commercial Housing Decoration Once in Place”, and the concept of “fully decorated room” or “fine decoration” has been clearly defined for the first time in China.

The highest level of refined decoration is the accommodation of the bag, including the soft decoration, including all the space renovation packages. Most of the finely decorated rooms currently on the market are merely an upgraded version of the entire renovation. Most of them do not include wardrobes, hall cabinets, and soft outfits. Except for fixed products, only kitchen and bathroom furniture are included. However, the decoration of large-sized housing enterprises has already covered the wardrobe part.

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In the more than ten years of continuous development of hardcover rooms, refined decoration has developed into a mass consumer product. From April 2010 onwards, Xiamen Municipality requested that open residential land projects for sale on the island must be renovated once. In 2014, the “Xiamen City Green Building Action Implementation Plan” issued in 2014, the new residential land project for construction land will be acquired by bidding, auction, or agreement transfer from January 2014. All of them will be renovated in place and kitchens will be equipped with kitchen utensils. Garbage disposal system. To this day, Xiamen has been completely refined.

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