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The New Retail Model Is Popular.
- Sep 19, 2018 -

Bathroom industry development direction First, the product is “young”. When a certain number of brands are doing online product promotion, they usually choose products that are younger and more cost-effective. This is based on the consumer groups formed by large shopping malls. The consumers who buy sanitary wares on shopping websites are mostly young and middle-aged. They have a more youthful aesthetic and focus on the price/performance ratio. Second, cooperation with Internet home improvement highlights the value, more and more enterprises have begun to enter the overall home industry, as a new business combination, there are many companies from strangers to familiar. There are also many consumers who are beginning to familiarize themselves with and accept this business model. Under such market training, the overall bathroom will go to a fast lane. Third, energy conservation and environmental protection will always be the theme of the sanitary ware industry. With the progress of people's life and death, more people began to pay attention to health, energy conservation and environmental protection has gradually become an important selling point of the entire industry. In addition to pursuing fashionable changes in design style, many brands of bathroom hardware accessories pay more attention to the applicability of energy saving and environmental protection.

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