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The Living Room Is Covered With Wood Grain Bricks, Which Is Simply Beautiful!
- May 02, 2018 -


    If you can not go to the forest, there are wood tiles to help out.


    The texture of the wood grain brick is similar to that of the wood, and the appearance effect is good. In the course of use, the wear-resistance and dirt-resistance are easy to care for, and unlike the solid wood floor, the paint will appear, and it can also solve the problems of insect infestation, mildew, and scratching. The problem of heavy burden, and the prevention of foam arch deformation, cracking, the most important thing is not to maintain and easy to clean and take care of.


    There are naughty children in the family who like to barely run around at home, throw water on the floor and throw toys on the ground. It is full of “small destruction kings” with wood grain bricks, comfortable feet, and non-slip Good performance, do not worry about the child falling injured, do not worry about throwing toys to scratch the floor.

Since the effect of wood grain bricks is so good, is it suitable for all decoration styles?

    Simple European style


    “No one likes to stay in a closed little space for a long time. We all want the air of freedom.” The warm, simple European style, the overall feeling is refreshing, with a blue, white and gray tone, which is very suitable for the feeling of home. Therefore, more and more people choose Jane's European style and return to the clean and pure Nordic countries. They are like the indifference of the world's vulgarity, and they are not merely simple.

    Pastoral fresh style


    Pastoral style, fresh and elegant colors, the walls are mostly white and green are close to the color of nature, gray brick floor tiles laying echoes, not too much emphasis on the complex carving and details, warm atmosphere spread in every corner of the room .

    American luxury style


    The overall style is very calm and steady, revealing the owner's fine taste of art and the pursuit of quality of life. It focuses on the design of furniture, walls and other details in the details. The colors are based on wood color to express the luxury of elegant style. Elegant style.

    Industrial retro style


    This living room is an industrial retro style, focusing on the design of windows, green plants, doors, roofs, floor color, lamp pools, and beautiful walls. The colors are based on natural wood, yellow walls, and black wood grain. The ground brings out the theme of retro style design.

    Modern fashion style


    The living room has a milky white tone, a white wall, and a wood-grain grey-black floor. Details focus on storage, furniture, etc., accompanied by green plants, decorative pendants, and express a quiet and elegant modern style.

    Original African style


    The elegant brick color, deep wood texture, and weather-beaten nature of African nature, the surface of mottled brick adds a touch of original wild charm to modern home life.

    Follow the extension of the wood grain under the feet, track time and space, pursue the mark, breathe the breath of nature, feel the time of annual rings turning, experience the vigor and indomitableness of life, the wood grain bricks, let us understand the tranquility given by nature in the world.

    Editor Weapons: These wood-tile tiles have to be remembered!

    First, the commonly used wood tile paving methods, in addition to the traditional vertical and horizontal traditional paving methods, there are wood grain tiles, herringbone, I-shaped, oblique-shaped line and other paving methods.

    Second, before paving wood-grained tiles, deal with the paving of the building's ground or walls.

    Third, with a long thin line, coated with white ash or ink, determine the central axis of the brick, and then press the line to paste.

    Fourth, wood grain bricks and polished tiles, antique tiles in the shop before soaking water, be sure to use tap water or water immersion, soaking time does not take too long, soaked wet.

    Fifth, paving should pay attention to the sequence of wood grain texture, pay attention to look at the end of the wood tile tile marked arrows, etc., wooden hammer hitting to avoid air knock, the power should be balanced, hard to avoid too large or too small.

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