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The Influence Of The Second Phase Of The Canton Fair Was Expanded
- Oct 01, 2018 -

In the second phase of the theme of daily consumption and gift home, the design level has become the key to the success of many companies. In order to guide the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, this year's Canton Fair has successively held a series of activities of “Design and Promote Trade”, and well-known design institutions have participated in new highs.

Elber Sélik, a clothing and small commodity merchant from Turkey, has been exhibiting at the Canton Fair for the past few years. This year, as scheduled, he spent a lot of thoughts on manpower deployment. "There are fewer talents in design and research and development, and they need to focus on training. Because this is the direction of breakthrough. In the words of the Chinese, the sharpening of the knife is not wrong. ."

From the perspective of the first phase of the effect, the effectiveness of innovation is also very obvious. According to the news obtained by the reporter from the Anhui Trading Group, since the opening of the first phase, many exhibitors have attracted many buyers due to the novelty and uniqueness of the exhibits, and have received a large number of orders and intention contracts. Since the opening of Integrity Sanlian Electronics Co., Ltd., which has participated for the first time, it has received customers from more than 60 countries and has conducted in-depth discussions with some powerful merchants.


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