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The Future Of Thick Crystallites Lies In The Decline Of Cost
- Oct 31, 2018 -

The future of thick crystallites lies in the decline of cost

Of course, the quality of thick microcrystals is superior to that of thin microcrystals and full-cast glazes, and it is mainly for a small number of high-end consumer groups. However, in the future, under the impact of the full-throw glaze, thin microcrystalline two competitors, its future market is still confusing.

Yang Wenchao explained that ceramic enterprises in Foshan and other well-known areas are currently focusing on the production of thick microcrystals. From the product system of these large enterprises, we can see that the market trend of thick microcrystals will become clearer and clearer in the future.

The primary premise of reducing the cost of producing thick crystallites is the price reduction of microcrystalline frit. When a product can achieve mass production, its production cost and product price will be reduced.

According to him, the factory price of thick microcrystalline products in Foshan Ceramics Factory has decreased by 20% compared with two years ago. The main reason is that the price of coal, ink and microcrystalline frit has been lowered, which makes the production cost of thick microcrystalline products decrease simultaneously.

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