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The First Floor Tile 488m Kiln In Rishun Jiantao Industrial Park, Hongshi Enterprise Ignited And Put Into Production!
- Sep 03, 2018 -

On September 2nd, Shandong Lion King Group and Hongshi Enterprise's ignition and production ceremony were held in the Rishun Jiantao Industrial Park. This is the first floor tile production enterprise in Zibo Haier Rishun Jiantao Industrial Park, which means Zibo Construction The pottery production area has achieved another fruitful result on the road of building an industry intelligent manufacturing demonstration center!

It is understood that Hongshi Enterprise invested 150 million yuan in the first phase of production hardware, and introduced the most advanced production lines at home and abroad, including Sacmi high-energy automatic hydraulic press and fine cloth equipment, and the fast-printing digital version imported from Spain. Inkjet machine, Keda's newly developed energy-saving and environment-friendly wide-body stick kiln.


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