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The Discussion Of The Rise Of Brand Is Bound To Become The Focus Of Common Concern In The Industry
- May 13, 2018 -

The China Real Estate and Pan-Family Industry Cross-Border Summit and China Building Sanitary Ceramics Top Ten Brands List has entered the eighth year. It aims to build a platform for the exchange of ideas between real estate and home furnishing enterprises, and to open up the middle and lower reaches of the pan-family industry as a contractor. Fang's China Ceramics Network is responsible for the implementation of the activities and publicity of the main work, Pan Chunhua said in his speech, "China's top ten architectural brands for building health ceramics" campaign since 2011, has always been adhering to the Chinese ceramic network has consistently adhered to : "Based on industry, radiation pan-home" is the original intention of positioning, spare no effort to integrate all resources, and strive to create the pan-home industry summit.


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