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The Arrival Of Hardcover Rooms Will Largely Meet The Needs Of People.
- May 27, 2018 -

As a user, choosing a hardcover room will be followed by the developer’s selection of customized products. Not only the house itself, but also the style of decoration needs their approval. Although the decoration style of the current hardcover room is relatively simple, the hardcover room has a high price/performance ratio due to various reasons such as purchasing channels, which will be of great appeal to “economy” consumers.

Tailor-made homes and real estate developers collaborating in hardcover rooms may change the single choice of consumer choice in the future. The reason why whole house customization has become an outlet is because its varied style meets the needs of current consumers. And this changeable, formal lack of hardcover room.

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The penetration of the whole house custom into the hardcover room is more suitable as the B2B2C or F2B2C model. Consumers can choose the home improvement style and the house style separately, and finally combine together. Can be home improvement company as a service provider, through the real estate company, to provide services to consumers.

In terms of trends, engineering seems to be the larger proportion of sales of the building materials home improvement industry. However, the impact on dealers will not appear for a short time. Compared to ceramics, cement and other main materials, the demand for custom home improvement latitude is relatively wide.

In the short-term future, engineering and retail will complement each other, and production orders will be produced in batches to meet the needs of the general public, and changes in the retail end will meet the individual customization needs of customers. As for the depth of custom home improvement and real estate cooperation, it depends on the future development of real estate.

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