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The 255th Wanda Plaza In The Country Baotou Jiuyuan Wanda Plaza Grand Opening
- Sep 23, 2018 -

Baotou Jiuyuan Wanda Plaza is a key investment attraction project of Baotou Government. The planned land is about 53,700 m2 and the total construction area is 109,000 m2. It is a main road for traffic on all sides. The square is a large-scale shopping mall with high-grade, large-volume and excellent business in Baotou. The overall design of the mall is simple, modern and close to nature, integrating space, life and business. In the future, it will be the center of Baotou people's life, leisure, entertainment and socialization. It is also the main gathering place for fashion and high-end family consumption.

white wood porcelain tile.jpg

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