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The 13th Asian Brand Awards Ceremony
- Nov 08, 2018 -

China Ceramics News: The 13th Asian Brand Awards Ceremony was co-hosted by the brand directors Asiabrand, China Asia Economic Development Association, China Merchants Association, Hong Kong International Investment Association and other institutions in Hong Kong. Kerry Hotel was grandly held.

On the same day, nearly 1,000 people from brand leaders, political celebrities, experts and scholars, and media reporters from all over Asia participated in this year's biggest brand event, witnessing the brilliant moments of Asian outstanding brands.

  The 13th Asian Brand Festival is not only a feast of brand ideas, but also a platform to highlight the value of the brand. LVKI ceramic tiles will continue to adhere to the original heart with the ingenuity, take the wind and the waves, strengthen their own pace, and strive to build the benchmark of the industry, become the leader of the industry, and strive for the brand road to a higher level.

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