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Strive For Every Improvement
- Jul 09, 2018 -

"I am not a very talented person, but I can endure hardship. When the college training team was selected, I almost lost the election, so every time I train, I have to spend more time than others to get a little progress." Cui Zhaoju told reporters that it is not easy to go all the way, but he never thought about giving up. "I know that the study and training of skills is destined to be a boring, hard and lonely road."

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After this competition, Cui Zhaoju saw the technical level of the world's advanced countries and gave him new goals. Now, as long as he has time, he will practice and constantly improve his skill level.

Some time ago, he spent 32 hours using tiles to affix the cartoon kangaroo "Sidi Tsai". “When others are hanging Chinese paintings, calligraphy and other works, I will make a tile work.” The claws and toes of small animals are very small and the shape is not common. It is not easy to stick them out.

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