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Small Share In The Big Market
- Jul 17, 2018 -

As the first batch of practitioners in the imported ceramic tile industry, Wang Jiahong, the chairman of the European Group, has experienced more than 20 years of experience in the imported ceramic tile industry: “China is a large ceramic tile consumer with huge market potential and the total market volume of the ceramic tile industry. Up to 200 billion yuan, the total consumption of imported ceramic tiles is less than 1 billion yuan, and the market share is even less than 0.5%."

RT12 Rustic tile pattern tile 263030 2630.jpg

When imported sanitary ware, imported furniture and imported wooden flooring quickly occupied the Chinese market, imported ceramic tiles encountered bottlenecks in development. Wang Jiaping believes that consumers will default to high-end brands for imported brands. Many imported ceramic tiles are actually selling "imports", forming a niche consumption and making it difficult to make a big market. Take CasaItaliana, a subsidiary of Europe, as an example. As the top Italian tile brand, it is very popular in the international market, and the development of the Chinese market is very slow.

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