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Shenzhen Birthday Biggest Surprise!
- Sep 11, 2018 -

August 26th is the birthday of the 38th anniversary of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone

I believe that everyone's circle of friends and Weibo have been screened.

        Shenzhen is so charming, so that everyone praises

Shenzhen is a city full of wonders and surprises

This is not the last night in Shenzhen, which brought great surprises to the public.

Some citizens said:

"There is a feeling of being suddenly being publicly proposed in public."

       "Like the box open, see the excitement of a 10-carat diamond ring"

"Seeing crying! This surprise is caught off guard"

        What killer did you make in Shenzhen last night?

    It’s so happy to “squat” our citizens.

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