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Renovation Of The Old House Renovation Market, Into The New Blue Sea Of Shanghai Ceramic Tile Sales
- Nov 21, 2018 -

  China Ceramics News Pan Lizhu In the report of the reporters of the day before yesterday, part of the content of the renovation and renovation market of old houses in Shanghai has aroused widespread concern in the industry. Some insiders have expressed the hope to conduct more in-depth research and discussion on this phenomenon. To this end, the author conducted an in-depth follow-up interview on this issue during the next two days of research.

The first special report in the Shanghai market, "The brand thinks about Shanghai's development, remembering the conscience of these agents," is an interview record of the renovation of the old house. It is described as follows: "Based on the new house launched in Shanghai around 1995-2000. According to calculations, the number of second-hand houses in Shanghai, which is about 10 years old, has exceeded 8 million. Currently, these second-hand houses have poured into the decoration market with about 300,000 sets per year in recent years for renovation."

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