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Ren Zhiqiang: Entrepreneurship
- May 14, 2018 -

Ren Zhiqiang said at the conference on “The Rise of Brands in the Age of Change” that the brand of all products depends on the entrepreneur himself and a good entrepreneurial spirit will create a good brand.

For 200 years, entrepreneurs have really promoted social progress. Entrepreneurs demand that they have a free exchange process that satisfies the production process. Without this condition, this society does not have the possibility of a production process. This 200 years of rapid social development, entrepreneurs have played an important role, the use of the industrial revolution to continuously improve production efficiency, is the entrepreneurial groups to give full play to the wisdom formed. With the Industrial Revolution, there will be standardization. To control production costs, there must be incentives to change transaction costs through incentives.


Changes in social conditions are closely linked with social development and the responsibilities of entrepreneurs. If entrepreneurs cannot promote social progress, your innovation cannot continue to develop. Entrepreneurs do not have a specific duty and duty to teach people. However, entrepreneurs can influence society through their own actions. We cannot ask all entrepreneurs to become educators of people’s social behavior if they pass themselves. The behaviors to create, then you can affect more people, such as what we call the brand, the brand is to use the brand value, its behavior norms affect the society.

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