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Reasons To Choose Wood Grain Bricks
- Apr 09, 2018 -

In home decoration, the choice of tiles is a very cautious thing, because the residence is long-term, taking into account the cost of beauty, but also consider its cost, maintenance, but also have to worry about saving time and effort!

Recently, in the market of ceramic building materials, wood grain bricks have sprung up like mushrooms. So where does the wood grain brick come from?

Wood grain tile is a kind of new environmental protection building material with wood grain decoration pattern on the surface. It has vivid lines, natural and simple, without wood floor fading, wear-resistant and other shortcomings, easy maintenance of matt glazed tiles. It features bright lines and clear patterns. Wood grain brick has a high degree of fidelity; itself has a flame-retardant, non-corrosive features, is a green, environmentally friendly ceramic building materials.

With the improvement of technology, wood grain brick products are very mature. According to the surface glossiness, in addition to the traditional matt wood grain bricks, they can be divided into bright grain wood bricks (full glazed wood grain bricks) and soft light. Wood grain bricks.

Everyone has seen regular strips. Have you seen any of them?

Good texture and vivid texture

 Wood grain tiles can be used in kitchens and sanitary spaces where wood floors are inconvenient, which undoubtedly adds practicality. In terms of types, imitation wood grain bricks are divided into porcelain glazed, glazed frosted, glazed semi-polished and glazed polished. , flat / convex surface, etc., different processes to create a different texture; plus a variety of patterns, shapes and colors, consumers in the choice of style and texture, more rich than wood floors.

Original ecology

The advantage of tiles is that they can imitate rich textures, such as oak, teak, rosewood, rosewood, nanmu, walnut, fir, walnut... Imitation of top wood species, wood grain bricks can imitate dozens of flower colors and are widely used .

Health and safety, formaldehyde-free troubles

 Compared with traditional wood flooring, wood flooring production will be heavily used adhesives and paint processing, production and processing are inseparable from formaldehyde, in the home environment, with the temperature changes, there will be the release of formaldehyde, and formaldehyde in At room temperature, it will float in the air in the form of gas. Especially in summer, the release of formaldehyde is particularly serious. Once the formaldehyde is exceeded, it will affect the body's health. The ceramic materials are made of natural clay and sand and fired from raw materials. After being processed at a high temperature of 1200 degrees, the ceramic materials are completely free of formaldehyde.

Our wood grain bricks are not the same, easy to clean, dirty things are not afraid, a drag, no clean, fast, accurate, not afraid of corrosion, do not worry about dirty discoloration, and the use of the life of 15-20 years.

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