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Professional Talk:2018 Ceramic Industry Trends Content Three
- May 10, 2018 -

In 2018, the leading products of glazed tiles should still be dominated by glossy products. However, due to the increasingly fierce competition in optical products, profits are becoming increasingly thin. Some leading innovative manufacturers will gradually give up their high-gloss products and turn to more profitable space. Antique glazes, satin glazes, and markets for some functional glaze products.

In 2018 all antique new products will show an expanding trend. The market for polished glazes will partially shrink. In 2018, some manufacturers of large-sized antique bricks will use the adjustment of product specifications to erode the market for porcelain tiles. Under such a trend, in 2018, high-gloss products will allow a portion of the market for antique products, including satin glaze and some functional glazes, carved glazes, etc., to be a larger outbreak area.

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