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Professional Talk:2018 Ceramic Industry Trends Content Two
- May 09, 2018 -

In 2018, green development will become a trend; the capital market will become the driving force of the industry; the application of big data will be deepened in the industry; the logic of new retail and smart stores will be basically clear; glaze technology and craftsmanship will set off a new wave; indoor assembly Industrialization will become the direction of industry research; existing assembly and packaging channels may bring certain risks to the industry;thin porcelain panel tile and foamed tiles will form a market heat.

Modern antique products are still not the highest peak, because 2017 is a turning point, 2018 to 2019 is training, 2019 will enter a period of rapid growth of the market.

Our company also has the wood look tile,Rustic tile ,Polished porcelain tile ,Marble tile ,mosaic tiles,Thin Porcelain panel tile and the Glazed porcelain tile .Meet the development trend of the contemporary market.WLT16 wood look tile  GMM915312 1560.jpg

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